Guide Flies


There are flies that you hang on the wall; there are flies that look awesome in the shop.  Then there are the flies you want in your box when you are at the river; these flies are called “Guide Flies”.  Typically used by fly fishing guides, these are the flies that I not only tie, but, that I fish.  If you were on a desert island with a trout stream and you only could have 10 fly patterns, these are the ones. well, when i finish up taking pictures and writing copy for each of the flies there will be around 10 of them here on this site.


Guide flies are typically not “secret” flies that no one knows of. Instead, Guide Flies are patterns that have been researched, studied, river tested and modified over years of use.  And all the guide flies that I tie are deadly effective to fish.


A lot of retailers claim they use the highest quality hooks and materials.  And they may.  Well my promise to you is that I do. And I use a combination of natural and the latest synthetic materials.  I’m a technology guy by trade, so I test and liberally use all the latest technology advances in tying materials, especially Ultra-Violent materials.


Guide flies are therefore a little different to standard shop bought patterns. Some of these dry flie patterns don’t look so pretty when viewed from above.  The trout do not view them from above. These flies are designed for the most success in fishing them.  They are not designed to look pretty.


I have been sending flies to guides all the way down to beginners all over the world for years. Not in huge quantities, but enough to necessitate the need for this site so that I can scale without killing myself.  If you are a guide send me an email and I’ll provide you a coupon for a pro deal.


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