Tim Huckaby is a professional Author, Speaker, and Interviewer with 30+ years of experience in the technology industry (and lots of stories).  Contact Tim to Keynote / Speak at your event, author a publication, or do a professional interview for live TV or recorded video.   Tim also serves as Chairman / Founder for InterKnowlogy, a professional services firm that designs and develops custom software and Actus Interactive Software, a software product firm with licensable software in the Interactive Digital Signage Industry.


Tim Huckaby has been Writing and Speaking Professionally since 1998.  Tim has published 3 books and written over a thousand published works.   Mr. Huckaby is viewed as a pillar and visionary of the Technology industry.

Mr. Huckaby has been awarded many times for the highest rated technical & industry presentations and keynotes for Microsoft and many other industry & technology conferences like CES and events all around the world. Mr. Huckaby is consistently rated in the top 10% of all speakers at these events. Having worked for or with Microsoft for over 25 years, Mr. Huckaby has been on stage with, and done numerous keynote demos for many Microsoft executives including Bill Gates and Steve Ballmer.

Mr. Huckaby served as the anchor for the award winning Bytes by MSDN series published by Microsoft.  View examples of Mr. Huckaby interviewing other technology luminaries: view here.


A worldwide leader in custom app development, InterKnowlogy leverages current and emerging technologies to provide connected experiences through touch, gesture and voice. InterKnowlogy is a visionary in natural user interface design, with a team of InterKnowlogists who are brilliant software artists pushing the limits of what is possible in the universe of software.

InterKnowlogy partners with clients across all industries and thrives on being a trusted partner and domain expert, and ultimately delivering imaginative creations with an exceptional user experience. visit website


VSBLTY is a groundbreaking retail technology & marketing company with a variety of applications to drive brand engagement, and puts insights in motion to drive sales. VisionCaptor™ marries brilliantly executed motion graphics or interactive brand messaging on display surfaces including glass panel doors at point-of-sale in retail environments such as supermarkets and c-stores, with “first of its kind” facial recognition and data capture technology that delivers real time behavioral analytics and sales metrics. DataCaptor™ is an end cap data capture application.

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