Huck Midge Cripple


The Chironomidae (we know them as chironomids or midges) comprise a family of nematoceran flies with a global distribution. And they hatch year round making them a must in your flybox. The Huck-Midge has a tungsten bead, flashbou tail, holographic wings, and it’s cured with Clear Cure Goo Hydro. it imitates the pupa and crippled form of the midge and it deadly effective.

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I literally have been developing this fly for 20 years.  It took me that long to find a fly that always worked in most of the stages of a midge nymph and to find the perfect combination of materials.  This is my go to fly when i can’t get a fish to rise.  i use it as the top fly in a 2 nymph rig.  it’s also perfect to hang under a huck hopper in moving water scenarios.  The size 16 bigger size is perfect for rivers.  in still water, the 18 & 20s work great.

Almost every river around the world has midges and they hatch year round.  Out in the eastern sierras on Crowley Lake in a float tube, where i cut my chops, i would watch the midges come up to the surface, sprout wings and fly away for hours on end.  but, more times than you’d think i’d watch a cripple fail to launch, ultimately sinking back to the depths to be consumed.

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Weight .1 oz
Dimensions .5 × .2 × .2 in

16, 18, 20


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