InterKnowlogy / Actus / VSBLTY

In 1999 Tim Huckaby founded InterKnowlogy (IK), a custom application development company that continues to flourish close to 20 years later. Missing his software product roots Tim learned at Microsoft, in 2011 Tim founded Actus Interactive Software, which licenses a suite of Interactive Software products. In 2015 Tim founded VSBLTY which focuses on Analytics through interactive digital signage. Actus & VSBLTY are the software product company compliments to InterKnowlogy. Mr. Huckaby is majority owner of the 3 companies and serves each of them as its Chairman / Founder.

A worldwide leader in custom app development, InterKnowlogy leverages current and emerging technologies to provide connected experiences through touch, gesture and voice. InterKnowlogy is a visionary in the custom software design space, bringing disruptive innovation to natural user interface design. Their apps combine intuitive and easy-to-use tech with smart user interaction design to create innovative solutions that realize business potential.
The team at InterKnowlogy has a passion for technology and a unique ability to artfully transform ideas into effortless, interactive solutions. They are more than software developers—InterKnowlogists are brilliant software artists who push the limits of what is functionally, technically and visually possible in the universe of software. Their extraordinary talent to combine their mastery of technology with a client’s vision elicits intuitive and meaningful software.
InterKnowlogy partners with clients across all industries, providing services from strategy and consulting to design and development. InterKnowlogy thrives on providing a premium experience to clients, becoming a trusted partner and domain expert and ultimately delivering imaginative creations with an exceptional user experience.
InterKnowlogy is a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner and was founded in 1999 .

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VSBLTY is a groundbreaking retail technology & marketing company with a variety of applications to drive brand engagement, and puts insights in motion to drive sales. VisionCaptor™ marries brilliantly executed motion graphics or interactive brand messaging on display surfaces including glass panel doors at point-of-sale in retail environments such as supermarkets and c-stores, with “first of its kind” facial recognition and data capture technology that delivers real time behavioral analytics and sales metrics. DataCaptor™ is an end cap data capture application.

Actus Interactive Software has developed a suite of interactive software products. Actus’ Interactive suite of products were designed from the outset to leverage the beautiful fidelity of touch modern touch screens in all form factors. The Actus Product is also gesture and voice recognition capable with 3D cameras which provides for compelling and engaging user experiences. The Actus suite of products are both scale-able and extensible, being cloud based, with a highly redundant architecture. The Actus product is delivered over an internet connection and can be updated remotely and simultaneously to thousands of end points. Content drives the Actus experience and is dynamically managed in scheduled or real time, making it suitable for any industry; broad market and vertical appeal.